Shubham Sharma


I hope y’all are doing good…!

So i have a question for you…!

Have you ever traveled alone? You want to try but you are scared….? Just give it a try! I am sure that you will get the most precious experience ever in your life. Some people prefer traveling with a group and that’s fine, but I would recommend you try it alone…!

Independent travel is good because you have to solve all your own problems. You don’t get to problem solve if you’re traveling with a group. Instead you’ll have a lot of help and sometimes you won’t have to do anything. Although being helped may sound appealing…, I believe that traveling alone and fending for yourself makes you a stronger person. It gives you confidence. It changes your life and makes you a better person….whereas, if someone is holding your hand all the time through life or through travel, you don’t have the benefit of growing stronger and better as a person…!

A huge advantage of being alone is that you’re in total control of absolutely everything…Now, with no-one telling you what to do or how to do it, this might feel a bit unsettling at first. However, you’ll come to appreciate the feeling of liberation that goes with it….RIGHT??

Being alone forces you to make decisions for yourself….!

Again…, this can seem like a mixed blessing at the beginning, but over time the benefits become clear.

It’s an opportunity to develop as a person.
Priorities change, personalities mature, minds open, self-confidence increases, ideals and opinions alter in progressive ways. In short…you improve as a person…!

Even if you feel lonely,  you reach out to someone, strike up a conversation and before you know it you have a new BEST FRIEND.TRUST ME… Some of my closest friends today are those that I met while solo travelling…!
You will get to know some unexpected experiences and ugly situations too…!

So Know yourself, consider the options, be flexible with your plans, open to compromise and change.Then take that leap into the unknown.

There’s no way to know how things will turn out, without taking that first step…!
SO guysss….

And …Please do let me know in the comment section below. …..What are your thoughts?



I hope y’all are doing good…!
So guys…today i’ll tell you something about REALM OF HAPPINESS…!
See ,”I would love to do something that makes me happy, “is something people tell me quite often. It’s a sentence I don’t fully understand.
If you do what makes you happy, the money will come….Or not. The thing is….when you’re happy with what you do, it doesn’t matter that much. You will find a way to make a living. You will learn to be satisfied with less. I’ve learnt that going on holiday three times a year doesn’t make me a happier person, for example-
A job on the side can be found if you are comfortable with yourself. It doesn’t work when you’re going to a job interview with your head set to ….”If you don’t hire me I’m going to have a mental break down so prepare yourself for a big tantrum”. Nobody wants a person like that in their office….RIGHT??

So my point is- start doing what makes you HAPPY, even if it’s part time. Add that little bit of happiness to your life. It will make you a more balanced person. People around you will sense and appreciate that. And you will see….. better things will come to you….!

Of course even I’m down at times as well. And sure, you will find me the corner of my room crying and feeling sorry for myself. A while back I seriously asked myself if I made the right choice by giving up my secure and safe life. I gave up a lot to pursue my dreams. It isn’t easy, you won’t hear me saying that.

To choose HAPPINESS isn’t that hard, but the consequences of that choice are….!

Choosing a career or path that makes you happy comes with ups and downs. The downs are terribly low at times but the ups are sky high. I can understand that the majority of people prefer the safe way of living, like a steady line. Living that kind of life with ups and downs isn’t for everyone, and I’m not saying you have to. But when you feel unhappy and you know in your heart what you need to do, then by all means……do it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUIT YOUR JOB RIGHT AWAY LIKE I DID…. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it. But you can gradually build it off….!

Ask yourself what suits you better. To have the career of your dreams and having loads of bucks in your bank account is only for the lucky few. Don’t try to accomplish that. Try to accomplish a bit of happiness in your life.
Please do let me know in the comment section below. …..What are your thoughts? What would you do? Do you do what makes you happy….?

What are the benefits of drinking water?

I hope y’all are doing great…!
So guysss…today we’ll talk about MAGIC POTION-“WATER”…. arguably the most essential component of our diets.
You’ve always known that water is the one stop-solution to several problems. Yet, we find it increasingly difficult to consume 3 litres of it every day.  But besides the obvious problems, water really is the route to a fitter you….!

*It can accelerate weight loss:
If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while but somehow all your attempts are going in vain, the solution could lie in water. The reason being extra H2O ensures that we eat less since it gives us a feeling of being full. So the next time you want to reach out for a plate of burger and fries, just fill yourself up with water and notice how it was merely an unnecessary craving.

* Several headaches are a result of dehydration. Moreover, most headaches  follows you due to your tension levels…. something that causes the dehydration in the body. Hence, it’s best to keep yourself hydrated…!

* It aids your brain:
Your brain needs loads of oxygen in order to function properly. Water has the power to ensure that your brain gets everything it requires. This is because water gives the brain electrical energy for all its functions like THOUGHTand MEMORY PROCESSES. Hence, if you wish to aid your brainpower, the solution lies in drinking a lot of water….!

* Keeps your skin healthy:
Lack of water can lead to several digestive problems. It is water that flushes out all the toxins from the body in the form of sweat and urine. If there is limited intake of water, the collected toxins can create disaster for your body including your skin….!

* It forms saliva and mucus:
Saliva helps us digest our food and keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes moist. This prevents friction and damage. Drinking water also keeps the mouth clean. Consumed instead of sweetened beverages, it can also reduce tooth decay….!

* It helps maintain blood pressure:
A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker, increasing blood pressure…!

*It prevents kidney damage:
The kidneys regulate fluid in the body. Insufficient water can lead to kidney stonesand other problems….!

*It boosts performance during exercise…!


Tips for Happy and Long Lasting Relationship

Why are relationships so hard today ?

Why do we fail at love every time, despite trying so hard? Have we forgotten how to love? Or worse, forgotten what love is?…well the answer to all this is …..

We’re not prepared. We’re not prepared for the sacrifices, for the compromises, for the unconditional love. We’re not ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work. We want everything easy. All it takes is a single hurdle to make us fall down to our feet…..!

It’s not love we’re looking for, only excitement and thrill in life. We want someone to watch movies and party with, not someone who understands us even in our deepest silences. We spend time together, we don’t make memories. We don’t want the boring life. We don’t want a partner for life, just someone who can make us feel alive right now, at this very instant. When the excitement fades…we discover nobody ever prepared us for the ordinaire ….!

We don’t believe in the beauty of certainty because we’re too blinded by the thrill of adventure…!
We don’t have time to love, we don’t have the patience to deal with relationships. We’re busy people chasing materialistic dreams and there’s no scope to love. Relationships are nothing more than convenience.
We look for instant pleasure in everything we do …. the things we post online, the careers we choose, and the people we fall in love with.

We believe more in meeting people than getting to know them. We’re greedy. We want to have everything. We get into relationships at the slightest attraction and step out, the moment we find someone better…! We don’t want to bring out the best in that one person. We want them to be perfect. We date a lot of people but rarely give any of them a real chance. We’re disappointed in everyone. Apparently, nothing’s worth our time and patience ….not even love.


We’re the hook-up-break-up generation. We have sex first and then decide if we want to love someone. Sex comes easy, loyalty doesn’t. Getting laid has become the new getting drunk. You do it not because you love the other person, but because you want to feel good. It’s all the temporary fulfilment we need.

We’re the practical generation who runs by logic alone. We don’t know how to love madly anymore. We wouldn’t take a flight to a far-off land just to see someone we love. We’d break up because, long distance. We’re too sensible for love. Too sensible for our own good.

We don’t even value relationships anymore. We let go of the most WONDERFUL PEOPLE for ‘the other fish in the sea.’ We don’t consider them cherished anymore.

And this is the only point where we are lagging behind….for some…. these are cliche words that don’t really mean anything RIGHT???BUT AGAIN….

Everyone has a person or a group of friends who is always there for them no matter what..!so Guyssss….No matter what has happened, No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do…. JUST INFUSE YOUR LIFE WITH ACTION… with one of the most important thing of the world “LOVE”

As david levithan said…” It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.”