I hope y’all are doing good…!
So guys…today i’ll tell you something about REALM OF HAPPINESS…!
See ,”I would love to do something that makes me happy, “is something people tell me quite often. It’s a sentence I don’t fully understand.
If you do what makes you happy, the money will come….Or not. The thing is….when you’re happy with what you do, it doesn’t matter that much. You will find a way to make a living. You will learn to be satisfied with less. I’ve learnt that going on holiday three times a year doesn’t make me a happier person, for example-
A job on the side can be found if you are comfortable with yourself. It doesn’t work when you’re going to a job interview with your head set to ….”If you don’t hire me I’m going to have a mental break down so prepare yourself for a big tantrum”. Nobody wants a person like that in their office….RIGHT??

So my point is- start doing what makes you HAPPY, even if it’s part time. Add that little bit of happiness to your life. It will make you a more balanced person. People around you will sense and appreciate that. And you will see….. better things will come to you….!

Of course even I’m down at times as well. And sure, you will find me the corner of my room crying and feeling sorry for myself. A while back I seriously asked myself if I made the right choice by giving up my secure and safe life. I gave up a lot to pursue my dreams. It isn’t easy, you won’t hear me saying that.

To choose HAPPINESS isn’t that hard, but the consequences of that choice are….!

Choosing a career or path that makes you happy comes with ups and downs. The downs are terribly low at times but the ups are sky high. I can understand that the majority of people prefer the safe way of living, like a steady line. Living that kind of life with ups and downs isn’t for everyone, and I’m not saying you have to. But when you feel unhappy and you know in your heart what you need to do, then by all means……do it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUIT YOUR JOB RIGHT AWAY LIKE I DID…. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it. But you can gradually build it off….!

Ask yourself what suits you better. To have the career of your dreams and having loads of bucks in your bank account is only for the lucky few. Don’t try to accomplish that. Try to accomplish a bit of happiness in your life.
Please do let me know in the comment section below. …..What are your thoughts? What would you do? Do you do what makes you happy….?

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